The Term “Globalists” Is a Misnomer, Alex Jones. They Are Actually “Ziobergs”!

           A Texan named Alex Jones has had a popular daily radio program for many years.  It is based in Austin, Texas and it has a huge following. In addition to his program being broadcast on AM and FM radio and via satellite by, it is also streamed live on the Internet at Jones’ website,, on Jones’ YouTube channel, on his Facebook page, on his Twitter account, and on his Periscope account.

            On his show, Jones repeatedly refers to wealthy and powerful connected interests who control the lives of everyday people all across the globe. However, he usually refers to them with the nebulous term “Globalists.” And quite often he singles out one of the primary Zioberg oligarchs, Hungarian Jew George Soros.

           While Jones has often discussed the Bilderberg Group on his radio program over the years, he never mentions the substantial Zionist segment of the Bilderberg Group, nor the substantial, separate group of Zionists which has so much power and influence in our society. (This entire website delineates the existence of those so-called “Ziobergs.”) How can that be?

           How can Jones so frequently scream “Globalists, Globalists, Globalists”, yet fail to point out that a substantial segment of the “Globalists” to whom he refers are wealthy, powerful , organized, and ruthlessly manipulative Zionists? For some inexplicable reason, he consistently covers for them. Why? Is he owned by them? Is he one of them? Is he afraid of them? What could possibly be the answer?